Upload Sealed Deck

Not a fan of the deckbuilding interface on your favorite MTG app? Or maybe you want to build a paper deck online? Just paste your decklist in here to use Draftsim's sealed deck builder.

If you're confused about how and why to use this, we've got a step-by-step guide here. Currently this app is only available for the most recent Standard sets.

And if you want to generate your own sealed or draft deck online, be sure to check out Draftsim's draft simulator.

Paste your decklist here:


To get Draftsim's card ratings and analysis features inside MTGA while you play, download our free tracker app and draft assistant, Arena Tutor. If you're playing BO3 sealed, the app will track your opponent's cards played automatically to help you sideboard better!

Sealed Deck Suggestion in Arena Tutor