So you've installed Arena Tutor, enabled detailed logging, and you're seeing the lovely lobby welcome screen. But when you start a draft or a game in MTG Arena, are you not seeing any new Arena Tutor windows popping up? I've got the solution for you.

arena tutor lobby screen

You're getting this screen to pop up but nothing else while you're playing MTGA… hmm

Check Your Overwolf Settings

It's possible that your Overwolf overlay and autolaunch settings are incorrect. To check these, first make sure Overwolf is running and then open the settings screen:

Open the Overwolf settings from the system tray or the Overwolf home screen menu

You should see a list of apps and games, including MTG Arena. Make sure you've selected the Games Overlay tab.

MTGA games overlay setting in overwolf

Make sure the toggle is selected next to MTGA and you see the Arena Tutor logo. This will allow the app access to run on top of MTG Arena.

Now the app will work for you if it's open. The next step is to give the app access to launch automatically whenever you start MTGA. To do this, click on the arrow next to the MTGA logo.

expanding options for mtga in overwolf

This will expand some more options for MTGA. You'll see an option there for “apps with auto launch.” Click on the toggle on the right side of the screen next to Arena Tutor.

enable auto launch

Check Your Arena Tutor Settings

On the Settings tab inside Arena Tutor, there is also a toggle that determines whether the draft companion should launch.

Click on the Settings tab after launching the app.

Arena Tutor MTGA overlay settings for draft helper launch

Make sure that toggle is turned on. You can also see there is another toggle for “deck tracker” auto launch.

This determines if the deck tracker should launch whenever you start a match in MTGA.

And that should do it! Now Arena Tutor will launch automatically whenever you start the game.

If you follow all these steps and are still having any issues, please reach out to us on Discord or report a bug.

See you in the MTGA queues!

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