Aether Meltdown - Illustration by Jason Felix

Aether Meltdown | Illustration by Jason Felix

Have you ever tried logging into MTG Arena and noticed huge login times on the “Waiting for Server…” screen that ends with the dreaded “Network Error” message on the client? Or have you been in a game, and Arena freezes like your heart, just before you attack for lethal?

Well, it’s happened to me! Most of the time, I’m unsure if the problem is on my end (my Internet connection or computer) or MTG Arena's server side. Today,  I’ll help you determine the culprit and where you can turn for further information.

Without further ado, let's jump right into it!

Where to See if MTG Arena Is Down?

Malfunction - Illustration by Izzy

Malfunction | Illustration by Izzy

While sites like Twitter or Reddit can alert you to MTGA’s current server status, the official way to check for issues is to visit their MTG Arena Status Page.

MTG Arena status page

MTG Arena's Status Page:

There, you can find valuable information such as:

  • Operational Platform Status
  • Individual Server Status
  • Past Incidents
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • General Status Updates

Visiting the site should give you the most up-to-date, relevant information about the platform. Due to the presence and relevance of social media these days, it’s always a good idea to check  their official X(formerly Twitter) feed to see the current status of the issue. Even though they may claim to have the issue “fixed,” other players may still have  game play issues, and you should be aware of those..

Other places you can check for further information include Reddit, the MTG Arena Discord or our Draftsim Discord, where you’ll always find people available to help you with any inquiries.

When is the Weekly MTG Arena Maintenance?

Unlike MTGO, MTGA does not have a fixed weekday to perform maintenance. Instead, they offer Weekly Announcements with in-game notifications directing you you to the URL on their main website.

MTG Arena Weekly Announcements via inbox messages

MTG Arena Weekly Announcements via inbox messages

These announcements are usually made on Mondays; you can also find weekly announcement links on Twitter.

MTG Arena Maintenance for New Sets

Over recent years, the MTG Arena team has improved how they handle maintenance for new sets by splitting the updates for dates before the set is released and when it's supposed to be released. This alleviates server stress and the quantity of files you need to download at once.

Before these splits updates Arena would frequently crash from server stress when new sets were released, rending the platform nearly unplayable. Nowadays, reports of MTG Arena crashing have diminished, and you can play the game as expected on release dates (forgiving a few minor bugs).

What if MTG Arena Goes Down While in a Game?

Despite the recent improvements, Arena can still crash on super busy days like the release day of a new set. The issue rarely costs you more than the game you’re playing and even that can be salvaged if you reboot the client fast enough.

If you’re playing free modes like Ranked Constructed ladder, the worst that will happen is losing the current game and your rank. There’s not much you can do about that. But if it's an event like a Draft where you invested resources, you can file for reimbursement through their customer support page.

Being honest, clear, and concise while filing for reimbursement should always work. I emphasize honesty, as you may want to file for reimbursement every time you get a disconnect. But if the problem is on your end because of a faulty modem, chances are that you’ll get away with some free Gems. In some cases, I've known people to get caught abusing this, ending with their accounts suspended or banned, so be aware of that.

With that in mind, you will receive some form of reimbursement in a timely manner within 24 to 72 hours.

Can You Still Access Your Collection or Decklists While MTG Arena Is Down?

MTG Arena is  a somewhat robust platform. Depending on where the outage happens, you might not get access to your collection or decklists.

For example, issues that only impact features like Social (your chat and friendly battles) or the Store won’t prevent you from playing games or accessing your decks, but rather limit your access to the previously mentioned parts of the client.

However, if the issue involves the Logins, Matches, or Game features, chances are you won’t be able to look at the decks until the problem gets fixed.

That said, our trusty Arena Tutor app can help you look at your collection and decks even if MTG Arena is down, as it keeps track of those and many more features!

Arena Tutor collection tracker

Arena Tutor collection tracker

Wrap Up

Universal Surveillance - Illustration by Aaron J. Riley

Universal Surveillance | Illustration by Aaron J. Riley

Navigating the occasional technical hiccups in MTG Arena can be frustrating, but understanding the potential causes and where to seek assistance makes the experience smoother. Whether it's troubleshooting network errors or determining server-side issues, being equipped with knowledge empowers players to address disruptions swiftly.

Hopefully, this article helps you in the future, and if you liked it and want to stay tuned with other useful ones, consider following us on Twitter to never miss one!

As always, take care, and we will meet up again in my next article!

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