Wall of Fortune - Illustration by Tom Babbey

Wall of Fortune | Illustration by Tom Babbey

Gaming accessories are a vital part of playing games, with dice being noticeably important for the mechanics of many tabletop games. While you can keep things simple with bright plastic dice speckled with dots to show how unlucky you are, there’s lots of room to get cool dice.

Customizing your dice is a great way to roll up to your weekly Dungeons & Dragons session with flair and demonstrate your style. You can even use them as thematic pieces to help tell your character’s story. But what makes for the best dice sets?

Let’s jump in!

Best Overall

Sakura Dice from Dice Envy

These sakura dice from Dice Envy win out as the all-around best dice set. First off, they’re just lovely. The sakura pattern is striking but not overly distracting. Since these are metal, they last a long time – though you should be careful to avoid rolling them directly on a table made from soft materials to avoid denting or gauging.

At $45, they sit in the middle as far as pricing. It’s a high enough cost to be a reasonable gift for yourself or somebody close to you without breaking the bank, and the design won’t get mistaken for your run-of-the-mill dice. If flowers aren’t your thing, Dice Envy offers a variety of metal dice sets in a similar price range with various designs and colors.

Buyer’s Guide

There are a few vital criteria to consider when picking up a dice set: materials, what you need, the design, and where you’re purchasing them.

Materials might be the most important aspect. You need something sturdy that’s going to last. You don’t want cheap dice that start chipping apart after you’ve rolled them. That affects their balance, and it’s just ugly.

The material also correlates with cost. I’m a fan of metal dice, which often cost a little more. Depending on your budget, you might want plastic as a cheaper alternative. When picking the materials for your dice, longevity and cost are the most important criteria for finding the perfect dice set.

What you need also matters. A full dice set has a ton of uses in numerous table-top RPGs. But if you’re exclusively a Magic player, you might just need a few d6’s to show that your Tireless Tracker has gotten larger. Your needs also factor back into materials and cost; if you’re only breaking the dice out once every month when your playgroup lines up their schedules, you might not need anything too fancy.

Of course, dice are a great accessory to show off your style and even tie thematically to your characters, so designs matter a lot. In general, etched designs are the highest quality. Since they’re etched into the dice, you don’t need to worry about them rubbing away or fading like a painted design could.

You also need to make sure that the color scheme and design are readable. You don’t want to stake your entire campaign on a dramatic d20 roll only for the table to squint and see if they’ve won or lost. Dice get bonus points for clarity over squiggly designs that look impressive at a distance but interfere with the playability of the dice.

The “Cadillac” of Dice Sets

Faerie Dragon Dice from Norse Foundry

If you want a dice set to flex your disposable income, then these Faerie Dragon dice from Norse Foundry are an excellent option. These lovely aluminum dice feel great to roll and sound fantastic. The metal helps these last for a long time, so your pricy dice aren’t going to break any time soon.

The Faerie Dragon dice are very unique pieces – quite literally. The manufacturing process ensures that no two dice look the same, making each die in the set unique and ensuring your set of Faerie Dragons doesn’t look like any other set Norse Foundry has or will sell.

Best Budget Dice Sets

Wrymwood Gaming marble dice

Wrymwood Gaming’s marble dice set is an excellent choice for gamers looking to pick up a dice set on a budget. Wrymwood makes dice from a variety of pricy materials like obsidian and gemstones, but these marble dice sit at a comfortable $15. These are still high-quality dice that don’t look or feel like you’re on a budget.

The marble dice come in several colors, so you still have customization options. Each d6 has the Wrymwood shield logo in place of the 6, making them feel like unique pieces. The options here really make this feel like more than just a budget dice set.

Best Dice Set for DND

Black Raven Dice from Forged Gaming

The Black Raven dice set from Forged Gaming is an excellent choice for D&D players. They’re simple black dice with white numbering, and that simplicity is key to their appeal. The entire table reads these easily. They’re made of metal, so they’ll last, and at just over $30 they’re plenty affordable for a long-lasting product.

One fun aspect of D&D can be matching your dice to your character. The black-on-white color scheme isn’t particularly thematic, which makes it a solid choice for players without a dedicated character or somebody who keeps skipping around one-shots. It’s a great starting place for dice as you decide what you want from your accessories.

Best Dice Set for MTG

MTG dice

So, this isn’t a true dice set, as it’s composed solely of d6s, but it’s excellent for the average Magic player. The abundance of dice ensures you’ll have plenty of counter indicators to spread across your tokens and planeswalkers.

The average Magic player doesn’t need more than a handful of d6s unless you’re playing with a bunch of Baldur’s Gate cards that ask you to roll a d20, which can easily be simulated via an app or picked up individually at an LGS.

48 Pieces MTG Dice Counters Token Magic The Gathering Dice Set Creature Stats Buff Cube D6 Dice for CCG Card Card Games Accessory(Black, White)
  • Package Contains: Total 48 pieces dice counters with 2 flannelette bags. Includes 24 pieces +1~+6 white dice counters & 24 pieces -1~-6 black dice counters. They are 0.63 inch/ 16 mm regular D6 dice.
  • Premium Materials: Dice counters are made from high-quality acrylic, lightweight, oxidation-proof and durable. They can serve you for a long time.
  • Convenient Storage: Comes with 2 velvet pouches, which convenient for you to store mtg dices, do not worry about losing, keeps dices neat and clean. Purchase Guarantee: We have a professional after-sales team. If you have any problems with the MTG dice kit, please contact us immediately and we will give you a satisfactory solution.
  • Easy To Read: These multi sided dices have clear golden number on each side, the golden number are as large as possible for easy reading. Perfect compatible with MTG - Magic The Gathering, some CCG and card games.
  • Purchase Guarantee: We have a professional after-sales team. If you have any problems with the MTG dice kit, please contact us immediately and we will give you a satisfactory solution.

Custom Dice Sets

Custom Dice

Two places stand out for custom dice sets. First, D&D Dice offers a mix-and-match option to construct your dice set from various dice they offer. You can mix and match colors and styles to your heart’s content. You can make a set of seven unique dice just as easily as a set that all matches with a distinct d20.

Custom Dice 2

Board Games Maker takes customization a step further. As a company dedicated to helping people make their board games a reality, you can order truly customized dice from them, selecting dots or numbers, colors, and even uploading custom artwork to bedazzle them. You can round out your custom dice set with a customizable dice tray.

Wrap Up

Pair o' Dice Lost - Illustration by Bruce Brenneise

Pair o' Dice Lost | Illustration by Bruce Brenneise

Selecting the best dice set for your game or character is a fun and rewarding experience when shopping for gaming accessories. A well-chosen set of dice will often reveal a lot about your personality and can become a long-lasting purchase with the right material.

There’s a dice set for everybody. If you’re looking for something simple, something to match your game, or a thematic tie-in to your character, you can surely find a dice set that shows your style with flair. What’s your favorite dice set? What games do you play that use dice? Let me know in the comments below or on the Draftsim Twitter!

Stay safe, and keep rolling!

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