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When MTG Arena first came out of its closed beta in September of 2018, players went through an account reset. This meant earned cards, gems, and gold were wiped, purchased bundles and packs were refunded, and their ranking went back to square one. Even with the game entering its full and final release, it's completely reasonable that you may be wary of another reset.

So, point-blank: will there be a reset? The answer is, nope! While players have worried about a second reset, Wizards of the Coast has made it clear that this will not happen.


It seems clear that WotC will stick to this statement. Besides, there are many strong reasons to abstain from a reset.

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Why Should We Trust WotC?

Why the Original Reset Occured

First, there's the technical stuff. An account wipe was necessary during the closed beta. People could generate an unfair advantage due to bugs, which more devious users might even neglect to report. Also, a limited amount of players were able to amass collections long before the game was open to the public. This can cause massive imbalances in competitive play. Nobody wants to face a Tier-1 deck when they just have the starter decks.

However, now that the game has fully launched, these imbalance problems are “solved” (so long as you've been keeping up). The Vault seems to be staying as well, so you won’t be losing the precious progress you’ve been making there.

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Why a New Reset is Highly Unlikely

Arena needs to keep its player base satisfied if it ever wants to become the leading digital Collectible Card Game. Chris Cao of Wizards of the Coast has said that, “players played more than 110 million games of Magic” during the closed beta. In addition, according to Hasbro more than 1 billion games have been played online.

Of course, the number of games does not necessarily represent the number of players. However, this does show that a large and dedicated player base has already formed. This means that they’ll want to keep the decks and in-game rewards they spent their good time on. Plus, players are spending real money for mastery passes, gems, and cosmetics. It just doesn't seem viable for a reset to take place.

WotC estimates that about 3 million active users will be playing Arena by the end of this year; they want to expand this number to more than 10 million in the next two years. So WotC will do everything they can to keep their players happy. A reset would definitely not help with that cause.

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In Conclusion: Relax

There's no strong reason or evidence for another reset. It might seem plausible at first glance, but a full reset would be much more trouble than it's worth. So enjoy Arena, and – if you choose to – spend your money knowing it won't be a wasted investment. Have fun!

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