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Draftsim is a Magic: the Gathering draft simulator that allows you to:

-Draft against computer opponents

-Generate sealed pools

-View suggested picks

-Automatically build decks

Last major card ratings update: January 31, 2017 - Aether Revolt

If you are experiencing any issues with Aether Revolt images loading, please clear your browser cache and reload the page.

If you see any issues with the site or any of the cards, please send an email to email.draftsim@gmail.com. Let me know what browser and device you're using!

I would like to extend sincere thanks to all of my awesome friends who have helped make this project a reality.

Comments and inquiries can be directed to email.draftsim@gmail.com

I hope that you will find these tools useful, whether you are preparing for a limited tournament or simply exploring a new set.

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